Let’s Celebrate the Victory

{48} It is God that avengeth me, and that bringeth down the people under me. {49} And that bringeth me forth from mine enemies: thou also hast lifted me up on high above them that rose up against me: thou hast delivered me from the violent man. {50} Therefore I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the heathen, and I will sing praises unto thy name.”

(2 Samuel 22:48-50 KJV)


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Recent Submissions

I first heard Dr. Graves on the McFiles Faith Talk show. Dr. Graves said, ” Read your bible people!”. so I did. I have read many books of the bible since then but now the Holy Spirit is directing me to JOB. I ask the the Holy Spirit and the Blood to teach me. This is what they showed me so far. Many years ago I lost my sweet daughter to my husbands rage when he crushed her skull. She lived for four days after but then died in my arms when taken off the ventilator. My husband was hiding out with church friends so I left the hospital alone. I told God ,” I will never forgive him for this” God told me then, “Who are you? I forgave EVERYONE who killed my SON?” This was hard truth not even two hours after my daughter passed. Reading JOB, I realized all these years later, that what I did next was the JOB experience when God spoke to him. I bowed my head on the dash board of my van and said, I’m so sorry Lord. Take this and use it. I don’t know how, but it’s all Yours.

All these years later, the Holy Spirit has brought this back to me. We are dust . He loves us. It’s the way it is. I worried on my sweet girl for years. What mother can rest when she doesn’t know if her child is safe. One night the lord allowed me to visit her in heaven. She is more than safe. She is growing up ! I have spent a lifetime of learning forgiveness. It is not easy. We never sin against another human being. Our sin is directly against God. This I know for a sure. God Is God. He loves us. He sent His son Jesus to die for us. It broke Gods heart. And with that unfathomable forgiveness…. He still loves us and always will love us. This is the faith and the strength and the hope I walk in. HIS WILL, HIS WAY , HIS GLORY, HIS POWER, HIS MERCY, HIS JOY, HIS….COMPLETELY HIS!!!

Colleen S., Testimony

Hi Dr. Graves. My husband, Ivan, had been out of work since November 2020. The time he was out of work was not wasted. God drew us to the truth we dove deep in his word and God led us to your ministry. We have learned so much truth. We take communion daily we fellowship with the Holy Spirit and the Blood we were missing so much before we started doing this. We would not have not known about this from going to church. I sent you a prayer request on June 7th to pray for Ivan and his employment. June 8th he had a interview and was hired on the spot. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers!

Another praise report. My brother and I work for a mortgage company together. A heavy spirit of depression came over many in our department I was not affected. I began to see things shift quickly. I saw the owner of the company operating under an influence from 2 women in our company (manipulation & witchcraft). On April 27th, my brother was fired the 2 women hated my brother. Later that day I was terminated. I was not called, text, or emailed to let me know I was blocked from the company. Long story short I spoke to God and said, “This is 2 jobs now Lord what are we going to do we need the income.” He said, ‘Do not worry I got you’ I said ‘“okay I trust you” He wasn’t kidding. Dr. Graves we sent the angels to go grab a job for me and bring it back. May 3rd I had 2 job offers both better pay and better benefits. I’m appreciated at this new company. God blessed my husband and both with these new jobs. This is the year of Shmita! God bless your ministry with the Blood!!

Amanda D., Praise Report

On May 26, 2021 I was delivered from an addiction to marijuana and alcohol! The enemy has tormented me through a psychiatric disorder in which I attempted suicide 3x. I was abused as a child. I could never kill the pain and I could never wash away my filth. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit! Never have I known the love of God such as this. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed I cry. I lament over my sins and take full responsibility of my choices. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior! I hope this may help someone who is struggling. Your brother in Christ. May all glory and honor be bestowed upon God! Thank you Dr. Graves for speaking truth!

Jimmy L., Testimony

Dr. Graves – I got to tell it! I requested prayer about the rapid onset of bone loss and periodontal disease. I reported that 3 different dental professionals wanted to pull several teeth, and the periodontist said I would lose all my teeth within five years. Well, I requested prayer. I needed agreement with a strong believer, and then on one of your recent broadcasts you rebuked witchcraft spells – I felt something break because the tooth and bone issue, the hair falling out issue, and the rapid weight gain issue all came on me at one time, I didn’t put it all together until now, the Lord showed me they were connected.

I knew the hair was from witchcraft, but you prayed and broke it, and now my hair us coming back beautiful plus I have a great Christian stylist now. The teeth- today I had an appointment for extractions. I got there and the surgeon reexamined my mouth and she said she didn’t need to pull 2 teeth. she said one of the two was not bad and the mobility was minimal. then she said the bone loss wasn’t bad and my remaining teeth were strong. she also told me I could get implants for a few teeth I did lose. that is a miracle because for a few months, every dental professional was telling me no chances were available for me. I am praising God. I know the anointing on you, through the holy Spirit broke that spell that demonic warlock on my job put on me. Thank you so much. Praise God and may He bless you.

Toni C., Praise Report

Hello, Dr. Graves. I have a testimony and a question as well. While listening to your replay from this past Sabbath show (5/9/21) on Sunday evening, I had a neat experience. I always feel the presence of the Holy Spirit off and on during the broadcasts. But, while listening at the end when the Apostle Lee Roberson was speaking on the replay, he said that just by listening to this message right now we would feel this new power re-generating inside our DNA and bodies. Within 2 seconds of him saying this, I felt an incredible and different kind of feeling rather than the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was like a light, tingling blanket of snow falling from the ceiling down upon me and coursing through my body. It lasted for at least a full minute before fading away. Incredible, and from a taped replay!

John S., Testimony

I asked you to agree with me for my angels to go and get patients for my telehealth practice, emaresstelehealth.com, and they are starting to come in! Praise God! Thank you!

Marilyn S., Praise Report

Thank You Holy Spirit For your teaching on The Order of Melchizedek!!! My body is regenerating Coming in perfect order Due to prayer for The Melchizedek Order in my body, marriage, family, life And for our Country!!! I have had Sickness in my body which has been slowly causing my body to shut down…. BUT FOR GOD Communion and praying The Melchizedek Order Is Healing my body and my life!!! Praise The Lord

Melissa K., Testimony

I had been struggling a lot with my eyes for the last weeks with just a huge blurry can’t see or read most of the days. I had been getting huge headaches because of the issue with the eyes and unable to do my bible notes and studies. Dr. Graves had prayed for me and I had used the techniques he had taught us along with communion and fasting. Yesterday, I went to a Dr. appointment for my eyes and I was praying on my way 20/20 vision it will be easy fix in the name of Jesus and I got the eye doctor telling me: Well you have 20/20 vision! To summarize he is giving me some reading glasses to assist with all the hours I’m in computer and fixing a little with far view but so slightly I don’t need anything else. Praise the Lord! thank you for your prayers Dr. Graves. We appreciate you so much in my house. God bless.

Sary C., Testimony

I wrote to Dr. Graves back in December of 2020 asking him to pray for my healing as I was faced with an unexpected illness called IIH. I was so close to loosing my vision and even had to be hospitalized. Through this time I held onto my faith and prayer and would watch Dr. Graves and take my communion daily during this time. I was told my vision would never be the same and that I would need to probably have surgery. January 6th 2021 I was told that the illness was gone & that I would not need no surgery and my eye sight started to return and i can say that my sight is back to how it was. Praise god. All glory to god. I thank you Dr. Graves for praying for me and teaching me a lot about the lord. Amen.

Victoria B., Testimony

I just started listening to you within the past 3 weeks. I would like to share something that happened almost 3 years ago on June 19, 2018. This day was not a really great day for myself or my son. At 11:30, my mom was shopping at Walmart and an old lady came to her and said, “I would like you to have this.” She gave her a popsicle stick broken into a cross with a blue angel on it. My mom took it that day. My mom lives 5 hours away from us. At 12:15pm, I was leaving work and thought I have a really nice car. Then a voice came in loud and clear, “Not for long.” I shrugged it off and left to get home and go to the gym. My son was in the back seat sitting right behind me.

Then a voice nudge me and told me to go to my other work site and of course, I’m like no I’m going to the gym. Then I turned right. Then the voice told me to eat at McDonald’s and still I went on, and last the voice said to stop at this one restaurant I’ve been wanting to try out, but I kept going and just around the corner, someone over corrected and hit us head on. My son and I ended up in the hospital. He ended up with a partial torn ligament of the c1 and was in a neck brace for 3 months and I had a compound fracture of my right ankle. I have pins and needles in my ankle and had to relearn to walk again with going to physical therapy. We found out my son had a congenital heart defect that we didn’t know about. I believe that the old lady that gave my mom the cross was an angel. My mom hasn’t seen the old lady since that day.

One more thing: God also answered a prayer that I was praying since around 2014. I asked for another baby and a girl 3 months after my car accident, my husband and I found out that we were expecting and my baby is a girl. I’ve attached a picture of the angel. I’m giving it to my son when he’s older.

Kimberly K., Testimony